Safe and Silent Box Circulating Conveyor

Safe and Silent Box Circulating Conveyor

JEB has recently completed the supply and installation of a turn key package for the supply of a circulating box transport conveyor for a major north east manufacturer. 

JEB chose to use Bosch Rexroth conveyor components for the application and the client is over the moon with the end result. 

The key features of the conveyor;

  • A single drive and belt is able to negotiate inclines and bends for the delivery and return conveyors.
  • The conveyor is almost silent in operation with no ‘clicking’ or discernible noise.
  • The operation is completely safe, the risk of any entrapment is removed as in the case of any interference with the box, the conveyor simply slides beneath.
  • A clear polycarbonate dust shelter was installed to keep product clean whilst maintaining visibility

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