Flexible Anode Control for Electrocoat Systems

Flexible Anode Control for Electrocoat Systems

JEB has been developing a flexible control system for electrocoat painting systems and has recently commissioned its first production system. 

Whilst the control is very specialist within the field of electrocoat painting, the Intelligent Anode Control System gives several advantages over traditional rectifier control systems

  • Modular Build and Expansion
  • Flexible Anode Control (with Variant Tracking & Menu Selection)
  • Ease of Maintenance

The Intelligent Anode Control System is made up of several different modular sections each has several options that can be decided at order placement.

  • DC Generation
  • Anode Distribution
  • Control System and Protocols

Further optional enhancements are also available such as:

  • Component Tracking
  • Process Data Logging
Historical Anode Currents

Retrofitting the Intelligent Anode Control

  • Due to the flexibility of the system build, it is quite possible to retrofit the Intelligent Anode Control to seamlessly work with existing tanks and material handling infrastructure.
  • Even existing anodes can be retained if required or changed at a later date.
  • This gives the process improvements alongside the energy and material cost savings without major infrastructure changes.
  • Usually existing rectifier incoming power cables can be re-used.

Maintenance and Support

  • Due to the modular nature of the system, in the event of a single component failure, it is usually possible to maintain production by biasing the other rectifiers and anode sets.
  • The key components are freely available on the open market keeping spares cost low and support levels within the general engineering community high.
  • In the unlikely event that external support is required the control system can be delivered with remote PC access enabling our system engineers to log in remotely to support with any issues.

If the Intelligent Anode Control System is of interest to you then please contact JEB and we can send you a full presentation on the system.

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